Arts and Humanities for Health and WellBeing

About Us

Arts and Humanities for Health and Wellbeing Research Group
University of Calgary
Established April 2013 with support from the Faculty of Arts


Our Mission:

To advance interdisciplinary research, pedagogy, practice and knowledge translation regarding the integration of arts and humanities in health care provision and education, and in initiatives and activities that support and promote health and wellbeing.

Our Objectives:

For this relatively new area of research and practice:
-to provide a forum for the exchange of a broad spectrum of AHHW-related ideas, discussion and research
-to act as a supportive “incubator” for the development of innovative AHHW research initiatives
-to undertake such research and disseminate its findings through seminars, publications and conferences
-to support undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing interdisciplinary AHHW-related study and research
-to develop productive, working relationships with individuals and agencies in the greater community – with a view to expertise sharing, co-exploration of critical questions, and collaborative application of beneficial discoveries in AHHW-related areas
-to host lectures, round-tables, themed workshops, symposia, etc…

The “Arts” in AHHW
For this research group, the term “arts” refers to all programs and departments that fall under the auspices of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Arts.

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